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Our Philosophy and Approach

We are an association of consultants, for consultants, by consultants. We believe that both newer and experienced consultants can benefit from the right group.

Most consultants aren't big joiners, and most consulting groups lack in one way or another. While several groups have come and gone to sell courses or certify consultants, in our experience they exist to serve their own needs. We've noticed over the years that most associations -- from Chambers to professional groups -- spend a lot of time asking what you can do for them: pay your dues, serve on committees, attend meetings, and so on. They lose track of the fact that they exist to serve members, not the other way around! Some of the specific-focus groups are good (e.g. computer consultants).  The very few remaining tend to be snobs ("I worked for Bain, Anderson, etc., of course I'm a professional!"), controlled by an "in group," or run by bureaucratic types rather than working consultants!

We are different. We exist to help YOU be more successful. For new consultants, we can save you hundreds of hours and dollars building the basics. For experienced consultants, we provide both a peer group and resources you can't put together yourself. By having members with different specialities, we get more cross-fertilization of ideas and potential referrals. We will focus many resources on marketing since all consultants can improve there.

Join now.